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What is the solo service?

If you use our solo service you will work on your own to enter as much information as you can about the personal and financial circumstances of yourself and your ex-partner.

When you have done this, we will put together the package of information and send it to a specialist family law barrister at a leading London chambers.

The barrister will give an objective legal opinion on your case, laying out what the Courts would be likely to say is a fair division of the assets (including whether any ongoing maintenance should be paid and if any pensions should be split).

You can then use this knowledge to help you in your discussions and negotiations with your ex-partner. The opinion could also prove invaluable before any mediation session.

(It's easy to switch from the solo to the co-operative service if your ex-partner wants to join you on the site. You can switch at any time up to the point when you submit your information for the barrister's opinion.)

There's more information on each stage of the solo service here, or click below:

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Step 2: Submit your information
Step 3: Get your legal opinion

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