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What is the co-operative service?

If you use our co-operative service then you and your ex-partner will work together to catalogue your assets, liabilities and income and to agree their value.

Built into the site are ways to check and challenge any information provided that you are unsure about.

When you are both satisfied, we will put together the package of information and send it to a specialist family law barrister at a leading London chambers for their objective legal opinion (including whether any ongoing maintenance should be paid and if any pensions should be split).

You can use that opinion to come to an agreement on how to resolve your finances. The agreement section part of the site, which includes lots of help and practical advice, will help you with that.

We will then get your agreement turned into a legally binding Consent Order, drafted by specialist family law solicitors.

Plus - so long as formal proceedings haven't yet started - we'll also manage the actual divorce process for you, all included in the cost.  

(You won't need to talk to your ex-partner to use the co-operative service, if that is still too difficult. All communication can be done through the secure and private messaging service on the site.)

There's more information about the co-operative service here, or click below.

Step 1: Invite your ex-partner
Step 2: Agree your asset schedule
Step 3: Submit your information
Step 4: Create your agreement
Step 5: Get a consent order 

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